Episode 31: Happy Anniversary! We F%$^ed up the Sound!

Y'all we're going to start these show notes with a G I G A N T I C apology. Not exactly sure what demon was trying to come out of Bee's mic along with why she can barely be heard. But we know it was a hot mess this week. Happy One Year to us, right? We are working diligently to ensure it that it sounds good next week. 

So, anyway we're moving on because despite the craptastic sound we talked about a lot of wonderful and important things in this episode.


If for some reason you needed a reminder that white women are not here for black women winning, breathing, living their lives. Here's your weekly (daily? hourly?) reminder from irrelevant racist hypocrite Sinead Kissane. (As you can tell we are HEATED). Sinead felt it was necessary to write about Serena William's most recent swimsuit shoot claiming that her posing in the one piece coverall "sabotages her fight for equality"

GIRL PUHLEASE YOU TRIED IT.  Anyways. It's important to remember the context that white women have done a never ending amount of photoshoots in swimsuits, in more revealing swimsuits while also championing feminism (mostly white but we digress) and not one person batted an eyelash. This is just another example of white feminism demonizing the black female body for...what gain? We don't know. But this is exactly why we and so many WOC push intersectional feminism, we call white feminists out and we remind you to not wait for white women to help save you. They seem to throw black women under the bus at any chance they get.


I mean, Bee has already started watching it (update, Bee has finished the first season!) and if you listen regularly you know she is absolute garbage at keeping up with/ watching television. Giants is a short youtube series written, directed and starring James Bland and available through Issa Rae Presents (you know how we feel when we hear that name y'all). It's a very real portrayal of millennials--specifically black millennials struggling today. It tackled mental health in black women, picking a career path outside of your college education, living as an artist and being gay. Quite literally, the human experience. Anyone can relate. But it's so important much light Moonlight that we are seeing these experience through the eyes of black women and men. It not only allows us to feel represented, but humanizes us to the (growing) number of people that seem to forget that black people experience similar things as white people (but like to another degree when you add white supremacy into the mix, ya feel me?) W A T C H IT OKAY?

Can you imagine being the First Lady of the United States, walking out of the White House and having no one recognized you? Yeah, neither can we at first. But April Ryan reminds us with a punch in the stomach (figuratively) that black women are invisible. Woo. When you aren't surrounded by secret service and dressed as a "regular person" you present as a black woman. Nothing else. Which means the world only sees one thing. Your color. It's a lot to remember and a lot to take in. And a reminder of why black women are consistently fighting for space and deserve that space. Because you can be the FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES but if you're black the world will still find a way to not see you.


This week in "Check It" we are reminding you to spend time by yourself doing something fun. No, staying in bed or staying home all day alone does not count. It is important that you are outside, taking up space alone in public. Take yourself on a date. Break down the wall and the idea that you can only go to dinner or the movies or a museum if you have someone else. You can in fact, go to dinner alone, and you should. When do you spend time alone in public? We guessing rarely. Being alone allows you to interact with new people. Going to the movies alone is a good place to start (since you shouldn't be talking anyway). Treat yourself to FUN time with yourself. 


Trying to step up your blogging, social media, marketing and storytelling game? Well, Britney is here to get you hip to a free opportunity to step your game up. Pixar is offering a free course focused on the Art of Storytelling. Yes, that Pixar the ones who had you living and sobbing through Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and Inside Out (A FAVE OF OURS). If you decide to take the class or want to follow Britney's journey through the class use #BGLstories on twitter. We would love to see/hear your stories or bounce ideas around together!


Um, so 1st...we know we got the name wrong. It's Michael Flynn. We know. And he's gone he resigned and white people are going to flee to Russia? But let's think about all of this...a rally with only white people hosted by Donald Trump for his next campaign. Blacks for Trump...exist? WHAT THE HELL.

We never thought we would be standing up for Don Lemon before...but here TF we are fam. We're going to keep it short and sweet like we do the segment. Parris Denard is a hot ass mess and shout out to Don for being like "NAH FAM THAT'S NOT HOW FAKE NEWS WORKS" and #shuttingitdown.


The end.





Episode 30: Anxiety Corner

Like Missy, "We're better, we're better, we're better!" Or at least actively trying to be. Y'all feel us?  (Here's a link to Missy's newest song if you don't get the reference) 

Missy Elliot I'm Better

For a recap for those of you who may be new to the world of Black Girls Laughing. Britney and Bee have started recording on the regular again. (Thank God #AmIRight). Despite the fact that Britney now lives in Colorado (we both use to live in Philadelphia, now Bee is alone and abandoned in the city of Brotherly Love). So, each episode you're now being invited into our respective homes for our weekly "friend check in." Has friendship ever been so productive? (Probably but we digress). 

We've got a lot of greatness coming to you this episode. We hope that reading these notes entice you to listen up and laugh with us!


First, in the jawn we are laughing really REALLY R E A L L Y hard at the people boycotting Netflix because of "Dear White People." As usual, this particular brand of white people are #DoingTheMost by stating the show promotes "White Genocide." We still have NO idea who first coined that sad phrase, but if having very serious conversations about the experiences many black (and lots of POC) have at predominantly white institutions, then by golly you need to stop being such a "triggered snowflake."  Hey, maybe it's not the conversation that bothers you but the name of the movie. To that we say: This is literally a movie (now series) about the uncomfortable and often harmful encounters black people have faced with racist...WHITE people on their own college campus. You don't deserve comfort. You deserve to look the cold hard truth in the face like the last bite in a pint of ice cream you decided to binge eat in one go. Special shout out to the guy who took a screenshot of his deleted account and showed the world his e-mail address. YOU ARE GREAT. 

Okay, we're keeping this short and sweet. We talked about the Grammys and acknowledged the fact that our episode was dropping after, but we still made our predictions. Bee predicted that we would experience an upset with album of the year AND SURPRISE WE DID. THE END. MOVING TF ON NOW. #stillsalty #beyoncewasrobbed #beyonceisagoddess #weseeyougrammys

Britney isn't really "here" for Melissa McCarthy (Bee is sometimes). But she and so many of you are L I V I NG for her impersonation of Sean Spicer on SNL. SNL has done a really great job at being topical with their comedy. In the time of Trump's presidency, we have got to be conscious and stay aware of everything that is going on. And so far it sucks so bad that you can't feel anything but rage and sadness. But like we say with our podcast it's okay to laugh, we encourage it. Heck, we need to if we are going to stay in this fight. So, if you haven't watched it yet, we suggest you get a kick out of the video above. 


@ God can we be Marley Dias when we grow up? If that name doesn't ring a bell for you, Marley is the girl behind #1000blackgirlbooks. She questioned why all books were essentially about a little white boy with a dog (or put in little white girl and her siblings ala Junie B Jones). Which is such a smart and #wokeaf question. Why aren't there more children's books that little black girls and boys can see illustrated images and fictional stories about themselves?! After the success of her effort Marley is descending to another level of wokeness by creating an activism guide for kids and teens. Because we all know children are the future. Our elders clearly didn't get it right, and we may be too far gone for millennials to #getalltheshitdone but with the work, we are doing and the education of children, they can really do this. We have faith, and we're so so so glad girls like Marley Dias are speaking out now. 


This week's "Check It" we are promoting skin care by--shamelessly-- promoting Tony Moly facemasks. It's still winter despite the influx of warm weather and warmer days this February, which means your skin is taking a beating. Tony Moly facemasks are a quick way to take care of yourself. We suggest putting one of while drinking your morning coffee--reading the morning news--or while drinking your evening tea. Plus the packaging is so C U T E *insert squeel*



In light of Trump's America it has been literally everyday (or at least it feels like it?) were something has happened that has made us mad/sad/feeling like we want to rip or hair out. And right now that feels like an understatement. But we, meaning Britney and Bee (and you should consider this too) sit there and only talk about the insanity going on. We decided that we cannot extend the emotional effort to talk about the bullshit every week for an entire hour. We would derail ourselves often and it would become a podcast of negative emotions. So, we're introducing the Anxiety Corner. This is where we will pick a particular occurrence, freak out for 2 minutes in total, and move on. If we are going to take care of ourselves and be a form of self-care for you, we have to do this. We're not tone deaf, we aren't unaware, we're just really aware of the slippery slope of despair we can fall into and we refuse to give any dumpster fire that power.


Britney: Giggle


If you haven't started watching (or been watching) The People vs OJ Simpson here's your reminder that you totally should. For us millennials you were either too young to comprehend what really happened, or you're old enough to remember but forget a few details. It's no available on Netflix! This week Britney is giggling over the #Facts she's uncovered about Al Cowlings the often forgotten driver during the infamous Bronco chase. 

Bee: Cackle

Bee is laughing at this Akilah giving Tomi Lahren 10000 different nicknames and feels like you should just watch the video as it speaks for itself. 




Episode 19: The World's Not Getting Warm Enough Fast Enough


What were We Up To? 

Britney thinks she is America's Next Ninja Warrior and competed in a Tough Mudder in July. Unfortunately, she fell off "The Berlin Wall" and tore her ACL. 

Rashanda is boo'd up like Rihanna and Drake and has been busy playing house. 

#BlackGirlMagic: Black Women Dominated the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Black women were everything in this year's Olympic game. We slayed in the pool, on the track, on the uneven bars, and on the tennis court. We made history. We inspired a generation of young girls to go play hard and be the champions they are made to be. We salute these queens! 

You Seeing The Birth of a Nation or Nah? 

Our old fave Nate Parker has been in the news for the  past few weeks not because of the upcoming release of his film The Birth of a Nation, but for a 1999 rape allegation. There has been a ton of debate online and offline. Will you see the movie? Can you separate the arts from the man? Does being proven in the court of law make you innocent the court of public opinion? All we have are the facts of that case. Read for yourself. Make your choice. 

We Support Leslie Jones!!!

We've talked about the vicious online attacks against Leslie Jones, since the release of the Ghostbuster reboot. This past week the racists/sexist trolls have taken escalated their attacks by hacking Leslie Jones' website and posting stolen nude photos and her personal information, like an image of of her passport and state id. These attacks are nothing short of a hate crime and demonstrates how successful unapologetic black women are a perceived threat to white society. We love Leslie Jones! Black women continue to shine, we can't let these attacks hold us back. 

Throwback Jam of the Week! 

We're serious! We really want to start a black girls who love boy bands podcast. Help us pick a name for the show. Submit your show name ideas to our Facebook page



Al Roker became our surprise fave when he spoke all of our thoughts and grievances on #LochteMess! Keep speaking the truth about Lochte's lies. Plus, Lochte lost all of his endorsements and we can't cackle louder! 

#WeNeedThisSpaceBecause: Help Save Langston Hughes' Harlem Home! 

The Generosity campaign ends on August 31. 





Episode 16: Giggle, Check It, Roar

We're back in action after taking a break. With the vicious death of #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile we took a week of self-care. We came back with an episode that tried to focus on how #BeingBlackIsLit. 

Self-Care Suggestion: Turn autoplay off for Facebook Videos! 

The world has been brutal in term of black bodies experiencing extreme violence since...forever, but with iPhones and smartphones we can now see it right in front of us. That's hard. It's hard for all of us. You should be allowed to choose what you want to see. Unfortunately, Facebook allows triggering videos like the death of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile auto-play. Be sure to change your settings to protect yourself, and CHOOSE if/when you see something like that. 

The Game gathers all of your faves to discuss their involvement in Black Lives Matter

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 11.31.32 AM.png

Listen, The Game called your fave and your faves fave to have a serious conversation about how they can use their privilege for the movement. As we often say, you shouldn't expect celebrities to say anything. Too often someone you love says something that breaks your heart  (or is just plain stupid), but luckily this was positive (yay)! We're excited to see what comes of this.


DO SOMETHING: #MLKSitIn, Donate & Give Resources

There are only so many times we can see injustices happen without DOING SOMETHING! If you feel compelled to do something beyond just tweeting and posting on social media we encourage you to reach out to communities that are mobilizing. We recognize that not everyone is comfortable with marching. It can be a scary experience, especially if you don't have someone to join you. If you are able we are posting both a call to action and ways to donate your resources to the movement. 

Call to action: #MLKSitIn A national gathering of everyday people in an occupational protest on every single street named for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in America on Sunday July 31st.

Give Your $$: Black Lives Matter, you can set up monthly donations to support Black Lives Matter. Other places where you can donate your money: The Family of Alton Sterling, Advancement Project, Southern Poverty Law Center

Issa Rae using her platform for good. #BlackQueen

So, we have talked about how much we LOVE LOVE LOVE Issa Rae before. With Awkward Black Girl set to launch on HBO soon Issa Rae is quickly climbing up the peak of success and recognition for being herself (aka queen). She instantly created a fundraiser for the family of Alton Sterling moments after the video of his slaying became public knowledge. What began as a fundraiser for $200,000 surpassed that goal to reach more than $390,000. Everyone that donated, and Issa you're all awesome shining lights amidst the darkness. 



Is that an official hashtag yet? THANK GOD for the Emmys at this point. With film still being so white. So so so white. Television continues to be the place to see representation of black bodies on screen. This year's Emmys are as diverse as they have ever been! We aren't into gateway drugs, but if this opens a gateway to see more black bodies on our television screen then we hope y'all get addicted. We'll link to the full list of nominees below and articles about how #blackityblackblackblack this year's Emmys are! 

EMMY NOMINEES & "Emmy Acting Nominations are more Diverse than Ever"

BUT LIKE... "Hip Hop Honors 2016"

 Essentially this years Hip Hops Honors were a celebration of #BlackGirlMagic. They honored Salt'n'Peppa, Queen Latifah, Lil Kim and Missy Elliot. We have a lot of AMAZING LOVING FEELINGS ABOUT ALL OF THIS FREAKING MAGIC. If you missed it in VH1 we're sure you can catch it again either on TV or Hulu, but for now check out the videos and youtube for performances!


Play This

Episode 13: I Bless the Rains Down in Africa!

We are all back and we are extra giggly, because there is just too much to cackle at this week! 


We all love to strike a Charlie's Angel pose with our girl friends, but three badass women really deserve their picturing turning into a viral meme! Sonia Ulrich, Monica Kenyon, and Marla Saltzer were enjoying a night on the town, when they noticed a man slipping a mickey in the drink of his female companion. They notified the woman and authorities, and the rest is internet history  

By now you have heard about the three four year-old who fell into the gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio. A decision was made by zoo staff to shoot and kill a 17 year silverback gorilla that grabbed and dragged the young boy.  News of the incident spread across the globe, and quickly the discussion turned extremely racist. The the boy and his family are black, and the media quickly began to blame the family and went as far to to dig up  the father's criminal history. Why was this information shared when the father wasn't even at the zoo during the incident there we have never shared the identities of individuals and family members involved in past zoo emergencies

Johnny Depp of Pirates Caribbean and other strange character fame, is going through a divorce with his wife Amber Heard. Photos have been released a bruised Heard, and she has filed a restraining order and has accused Depp of domestic abuse. Of course many male and female actors have jumped to the actor's defense of social media. 


Bee wants you to take mini detox. It can be from anything that causes you stress. You can take a detox from social media, online dating, or simply to saying yes to everything. 


Africa by Toto


Rashanda is giggling about Tamar Braxton being fired from The Real and the drama filled aftermath! Where will we get our Tamar gifs now?!?



Episode 12: Secrets of Trump's Weave

We're back!

May was a crazy month for us all between the October like temperatures, career shifts, and road races. We missed doing the show and we are so glad to be back! 



Britney is sharing simple ways to monetize your life and start earning extra cash. In this first mini lesson you will learn the basics of affiliate marketing and a simple monetization trick using Pinterest and Amazon Affiliates. 

Read Britney's step by step guide and start building a side income today! 


"Where My Girls At?" by 702!


Bee is giggling about Alicia Keys new song "In Common."

Britney is cackling about Gawker's latest investigation into the origin story of Donald Trump's infamous hairdo. Could it really be a $60,000 weave? 

Don't forget to send us pictures and videos of cute faces laughing to be featured on the Black Girls Laughing IG page! 

See you next week! 

-Britney, Bee & Rashanda 



Episode 11: LEMONADE and Six Inch Heels with Sebastian Cummings

The world changed in two days! First we lost an icon and then we were blessed with sweet sweet LEMONADE! Sebastian Cummings joins us again for this very special episode where we discuss all things LEMONADE and we discuss our favorite Prince jams. We were so excited we had to pop some bubbly for the occasion. This episode is very very #LIT!

LEMONADE is the JAWN of the year! 

The Throw Back Jam/GIGGLE. CACKLE. ROAR.  are our favorite PRINCE jams. 

Little Red Corvette

Let's Go Crazy

I Wanna Be Your Lover

This episode is sponsored by The Power of Broke Book Club and Mastermind. It's a free community where you can gain clarity on your business idea and get a blueprint on how to start it. Empty pockets can't stop your dreams! Join the mastermind at: britneyhines.com/powerofbroke


Episode 8: I Like-a The Way That You Boopity Bop with Museum Hue


We did another interview! This time we had a quick and dirty chat with Museum Hue.


Museum Hue advances the viability and visibility of people of color using arts, culture and museums, as a medium for discussion, creation, and solutions. They creatively engage all people around Culture, Community & Careers.

Started by Monica O. Montgomery and Stephanie Cunningham, professionals in the world of culture and visual arts, have worked to make Museum Hue a platform to elevate people of color working in and enjoying the world of museums and visual art. You can engage them in conversation on twitter for#Huesdays and find more at www.museumhue.com.

This week on The Jawn: 
Keisha Knight Pullam comes for Amber Rose. 
4/20 is this month and Whoopi Goldberg is a medical marijuana line for menstrual cramp relief. 
It was #BlackPodcastweek and we had a blast! 
Cocoa Swatches are here to make sure you don't waste money on unflattering eyeshadow and blush.

Giggle. Cackle. Roar!
Bee giggles about allowing yourself to have fun. 
Britney & Bee cackle at Russel Schiller of #BlackWomenareGorgeous because he is piece of garbage, just like we suspected.
Britney roars at the latest incident of the system trying to pull black men down.