Episode 8: I Like-a The Way That You Boopity Bop with Museum Hue


We did another interview! This time we had a quick and dirty chat with Museum Hue.


Museum Hue advances the viability and visibility of people of color using arts, culture and museums, as a medium for discussion, creation, and solutions. They creatively engage all people around Culture, Community & Careers.

Started by Monica O. Montgomery and Stephanie Cunningham, professionals in the world of culture and visual arts, have worked to make Museum Hue a platform to elevate people of color working in and enjoying the world of museums and visual art. You can engage them in conversation on twitter for#Huesdays and find more at www.museumhue.com.

This week on The Jawn: 
Keisha Knight Pullam comes for Amber Rose. 
4/20 is this month and Whoopi Goldberg is a medical marijuana line for menstrual cramp relief. 
It was #BlackPodcastweek and we had a blast! 
Cocoa Swatches are here to make sure you don't waste money on unflattering eyeshadow and blush.

Giggle. Cackle. Roar!
Bee giggles about allowing yourself to have fun. 
Britney & Bee cackle at Russel Schiller of #BlackWomenareGorgeous because he is piece of garbage, just like we suspected.
Britney roars at the latest incident of the system trying to pull black men down.