Episode 30: Anxiety Corner

Like Missy, "We're better, we're better, we're better!" Or at least actively trying to be. Y'all feel us?  (Here's a link to Missy's newest song if you don't get the reference) 

Missy Elliot I'm Better

For a recap for those of you who may be new to the world of Black Girls Laughing. Britney and Bee have started recording on the regular again. (Thank God #AmIRight). Despite the fact that Britney now lives in Colorado (we both use to live in Philadelphia, now Bee is alone and abandoned in the city of Brotherly Love). So, each episode you're now being invited into our respective homes for our weekly "friend check in." Has friendship ever been so productive? (Probably but we digress). 

We've got a lot of greatness coming to you this episode. We hope that reading these notes entice you to listen up and laugh with us!


First, in the jawn we are laughing really REALLY R E A L L Y hard at the people boycotting Netflix because of "Dear White People." As usual, this particular brand of white people are #DoingTheMost by stating the show promotes "White Genocide." We still have NO idea who first coined that sad phrase, but if having very serious conversations about the experiences many black (and lots of POC) have at predominantly white institutions, then by golly you need to stop being such a "triggered snowflake."  Hey, maybe it's not the conversation that bothers you but the name of the movie. To that we say: This is literally a movie (now series) about the uncomfortable and often harmful encounters black people have faced with racist...WHITE people on their own college campus. You don't deserve comfort. You deserve to look the cold hard truth in the face like the last bite in a pint of ice cream you decided to binge eat in one go. Special shout out to the guy who took a screenshot of his deleted account and showed the world his e-mail address. YOU ARE GREAT. 

Okay, we're keeping this short and sweet. We talked about the Grammys and acknowledged the fact that our episode was dropping after, but we still made our predictions. Bee predicted that we would experience an upset with album of the year AND SURPRISE WE DID. THE END. MOVING TF ON NOW. #stillsalty #beyoncewasrobbed #beyonceisagoddess #weseeyougrammys

Britney isn't really "here" for Melissa McCarthy (Bee is sometimes). But she and so many of you are L I V I NG for her impersonation of Sean Spicer on SNL. SNL has done a really great job at being topical with their comedy. In the time of Trump's presidency, we have got to be conscious and stay aware of everything that is going on. And so far it sucks so bad that you can't feel anything but rage and sadness. But like we say with our podcast it's okay to laugh, we encourage it. Heck, we need to if we are going to stay in this fight. So, if you haven't watched it yet, we suggest you get a kick out of the video above. 


@ God can we be Marley Dias when we grow up? If that name doesn't ring a bell for you, Marley is the girl behind #1000blackgirlbooks. She questioned why all books were essentially about a little white boy with a dog (or put in little white girl and her siblings ala Junie B Jones). Which is such a smart and #wokeaf question. Why aren't there more children's books that little black girls and boys can see illustrated images and fictional stories about themselves?! After the success of her effort Marley is descending to another level of wokeness by creating an activism guide for kids and teens. Because we all know children are the future. Our elders clearly didn't get it right, and we may be too far gone for millennials to #getalltheshitdone but with the work, we are doing and the education of children, they can really do this. We have faith, and we're so so so glad girls like Marley Dias are speaking out now. 


This week's "Check It" we are promoting skin care by--shamelessly-- promoting Tony Moly facemasks. It's still winter despite the influx of warm weather and warmer days this February, which means your skin is taking a beating. Tony Moly facemasks are a quick way to take care of yourself. We suggest putting one of while drinking your morning coffee--reading the morning news--or while drinking your evening tea. Plus the packaging is so C U T E *insert squeel*



In light of Trump's America it has been literally everyday (or at least it feels like it?) were something has happened that has made us mad/sad/feeling like we want to rip or hair out. And right now that feels like an understatement. But we, meaning Britney and Bee (and you should consider this too) sit there and only talk about the insanity going on. We decided that we cannot extend the emotional effort to talk about the bullshit every week for an entire hour. We would derail ourselves often and it would become a podcast of negative emotions. So, we're introducing the Anxiety Corner. This is where we will pick a particular occurrence, freak out for 2 minutes in total, and move on. If we are going to take care of ourselves and be a form of self-care for you, we have to do this. We're not tone deaf, we aren't unaware, we're just really aware of the slippery slope of despair we can fall into and we refuse to give any dumpster fire that power.


Britney: Giggle


If you haven't started watching (or been watching) The People vs OJ Simpson here's your reminder that you totally should. For us millennials you were either too young to comprehend what really happened, or you're old enough to remember but forget a few details. It's no available on Netflix! This week Britney is giggling over the #Facts she's uncovered about Al Cowlings the often forgotten driver during the infamous Bronco chase. 

Bee: Cackle

Bee is laughing at this Akilah giving Tomi Lahren 10000 different nicknames and feels like you should just watch the video as it speaks for itself.