Episode 13: I Bless the Rains Down in Africa!

We are all back and we are extra giggly, because there is just too much to cackle at this week! 


We all love to strike a Charlie's Angel pose with our girl friends, but three badass women really deserve their picturing turning into a viral meme! Sonia Ulrich, Monica Kenyon, and Marla Saltzer were enjoying a night on the town, when they noticed a man slipping a mickey in the drink of his female companion. They notified the woman and authorities, and the rest is internet history  

By now you have heard about the three four year-old who fell into the gorilla exhibit at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio. A decision was made by zoo staff to shoot and kill a 17 year silverback gorilla that grabbed and dragged the young boy.  News of the incident spread across the globe, and quickly the discussion turned extremely racist. The the boy and his family are black, and the media quickly began to blame the family and went as far to to dig up  the father's criminal history. Why was this information shared when the father wasn't even at the zoo during the incident there we have never shared the identities of individuals and family members involved in past zoo emergencies

Johnny Depp of Pirates Caribbean and other strange character fame, is going through a divorce with his wife Amber Heard. Photos have been released a bruised Heard, and she has filed a restraining order and has accused Depp of domestic abuse. Of course many male and female actors have jumped to the actor's defense of social media. 


Bee wants you to take mini detox. It can be from anything that causes you stress. You can take a detox from social media, online dating, or simply to saying yes to everything. 


Africa by Toto


Rashanda is giggling about Tamar Braxton being fired from The Real and the drama filled aftermath! Where will we get our Tamar gifs now?!?



Episode 12: Secrets of Trump's Weave

We're back!

May was a crazy month for us all between the October like temperatures, career shifts, and road races. We missed doing the show and we are so glad to be back! 



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"Where My Girls At?" by 702!


Bee is giggling about Alicia Keys new song "In Common."

Britney is cackling about Gawker's latest investigation into the origin story of Donald Trump's infamous hairdo. Could it really be a $60,000 weave? 

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See you next week! 

-Britney, Bee & Rashanda 



Episode 11: LEMONADE and Six Inch Heels with Sebastian Cummings

The world changed in two days! First we lost an icon and then we were blessed with sweet sweet LEMONADE! Sebastian Cummings joins us again for this very special episode where we discuss all things LEMONADE and we discuss our favorite Prince jams. We were so excited we had to pop some bubbly for the occasion. This episode is very very #LIT!

LEMONADE is the JAWN of the year! 

The Throw Back Jam/GIGGLE. CACKLE. ROAR.  are our favorite PRINCE jams. 

Little Red Corvette

Let's Go Crazy

I Wanna Be Your Lover

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Episode 8: I Like-a The Way That You Boopity Bop with Museum Hue


We did another interview! This time we had a quick and dirty chat with Museum Hue.


Museum Hue advances the viability and visibility of people of color using arts, culture and museums, as a medium for discussion, creation, and solutions. They creatively engage all people around Culture, Community & Careers.

Started by Monica O. Montgomery and Stephanie Cunningham, professionals in the world of culture and visual arts, have worked to make Museum Hue a platform to elevate people of color working in and enjoying the world of museums and visual art. You can engage them in conversation on twitter for#Huesdays and find more at www.museumhue.com.

This week on The Jawn: 
Keisha Knight Pullam comes for Amber Rose. 
4/20 is this month and Whoopi Goldberg is a medical marijuana line for menstrual cramp relief. 
It was #BlackPodcastweek and we had a blast! 
Cocoa Swatches are here to make sure you don't waste money on unflattering eyeshadow and blush.

Giggle. Cackle. Roar!
Bee giggles about allowing yourself to have fun. 
Britney & Bee cackle at Russel Schiller of #BlackWomenareGorgeous because he is piece of garbage, just like we suspected.
Britney roars at the latest incident of the system trying to pull black men down.