Episode 19: The World's Not Getting Warm Enough Fast Enough


What were We Up To? 

Britney thinks she is America's Next Ninja Warrior and competed in a Tough Mudder in July. Unfortunately, she fell off "The Berlin Wall" and tore her ACL. 

Rashanda is boo'd up like Rihanna and Drake and has been busy playing house. 

#BlackGirlMagic: Black Women Dominated the 2016 Rio Olympic Games

Black women were everything in this year's Olympic game. We slayed in the pool, on the track, on the uneven bars, and on the tennis court. We made history. We inspired a generation of young girls to go play hard and be the champions they are made to be. We salute these queens! 

You Seeing The Birth of a Nation or Nah? 

Our old fave Nate Parker has been in the news for the  past few weeks not because of the upcoming release of his film The Birth of a Nation, but for a 1999 rape allegation. There has been a ton of debate online and offline. Will you see the movie? Can you separate the arts from the man? Does being proven in the court of law make you innocent the court of public opinion? All we have are the facts of that case. Read for yourself. Make your choice. 

We Support Leslie Jones!!!

We've talked about the vicious online attacks against Leslie Jones, since the release of the Ghostbuster reboot. This past week the racists/sexist trolls have taken escalated their attacks by hacking Leslie Jones' website and posting stolen nude photos and her personal information, like an image of of her passport and state id. These attacks are nothing short of a hate crime and demonstrates how successful unapologetic black women are a perceived threat to white society. We love Leslie Jones! Black women continue to shine, we can't let these attacks hold us back. 

Throwback Jam of the Week! 

We're serious! We really want to start a black girls who love boy bands podcast. Help us pick a name for the show. Submit your show name ideas to our Facebook page



Al Roker became our surprise fave when he spoke all of our thoughts and grievances on #LochteMess! Keep speaking the truth about Lochte's lies. Plus, Lochte lost all of his endorsements and we can't cackle louder! 

#WeNeedThisSpaceBecause: Help Save Langston Hughes' Harlem Home! 

The Generosity campaign ends on August 31.